Together, we can bring calm to the chaos

I often hear women describe themselves as OVERWHELMED.


Women tend to take care of everyone else

but when it comes to meeting their own needs,

they have nothing left to give.

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed when taking care of a family

with the added challenge of a chronic illness,

or the loss of a loved one,

or a traumatic childhood that robbed you of your self-worth.

Feeling exhausted and at your wit's end,

you may lie awake at night worrying about your health and your family.


The worrying, lack of sleep, and frustration contribute to the stress

you are already feeling.

Do you want to stop this cycle of suffering?


Therapy can help


I have helped hundreds of women of all ages

gain confidence, develop self-compassion,

and reconnect with their source of power during times of upheaval.


My approach is to provide a safe space for you to share your pain, frustration,


and loneliness


to listen without judgment


to help you explore the beliefs that influence your decisions

to guide you to discover your inner strengths


where you can learn the skills to confidently handle anything life sends your way

If you find the stress of your world pushing you to the breaking point,

I'm here to help.


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