A little about me...

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I'm a wife, mother of three, and grandma of two.


I leave my footprints in the sand on the beaches of Florida,

and my boot-prints in the snow in Northwest Connecticut with my husband and my pets:

a big black Newfoundland dog and a little ginger kitty

who are inseparable buddies.

The beach is a special place for me.

I love the way the sand feels as it shifts under my weight, embracing each step I take.


I love the way the water caresses my feet,

teasingly inviting me to explore a little deeper.


The salty breeze whips my hair into a fury of flickering flames.


The beach is so much like life,

dynamic yet providing comfort in its familiarity. 

Some days are sunny, other days storms roll in, churning the waves and dredging up stuff

from the ocean's depths.

Although the storms are dark and frightening,

when they pass the sea has exposed

beautiful gifts

I never imagined were hidden within.


This is how I view life,

beautiful, dynamic, sometimes stormy,

yet rewarding to explore.

You can discover your own hidden gifts as your experiences bring them to the surface.

These unexplored strengths and tools will help you see your world in a new light

and empower you to handle anything life sends your way.

I am trained in the Internal Family Systems ® (IFS) model of psychotherapy, and this model informs my style of treatment.



 I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences Washington State University


I am certified by the American Academy of Grief Counseling through the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals, Inc. 


Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy Central Connecticut State University

Levels 1 and 2

Internal Family Systems Therapy


I am a registered Circle of Security ® Parent Facilitator


I am a Model Certified Parent As Teachers® Parent Educator

I am also a member of the following organizations

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