Therapy for Depression

What does Depression look like?

Depression is a common affliction that can significantly affect your life and those around you

When you feel depressed you may find it difficult to get things done, meet your obligations,

or even feel motivated to do anything

Do you experience any of these symptoms?​​

Depressed Anxious woman worrying
  • Excessive sadness

  • low self-esteem

  • anger, irritability

  • sleep disturbances

  • fatigue

  • loss of motivation

  • unable to focus or concentrate

  • changes in eating, including not eating or over-eating

  • shame and guilt

  • feeling immobilized and unable to make decisions

  • feeling hopeless

Depression can be caused by hormonal changes, chronic illness, trauma, job loss, grief, a major life change, lack of work-life balance, a genetic predisposition, feeling trapped in a job or relationship,

to name a few

Whatever the cause, depression is painful and affects your ability to enjoy life

With treatment we can stop the cycle of suffering

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Together we address your negative thoughts and beliefs with warmth, acceptance,

and compassion