Online Grief Counseling

Have you experienced a loss?

Grief is a normal process following a loss.
Many of us have heard that we just have to go through the Stages of Grief and we will feel better. Have you gone through the "Stages of Grief"
and continue to find yourself struggling?
It's a common misconception that the Stages of Grief are all there is to mourning
Experiencing this handful of emotions is only a small part of the grieving process
I'm here to help you as you experience a wide range of emotions, without judgement, so you can fully process the pain of your loss.
Have you lost someone important several years ago and can't seem to move on?
Or maybe you have had a miscarriage, still birth, or other type of pregnancy loss?
Complicated Grief arises when a loss is not addressed, mourned, or the relationship was a difficult one
Have you ended a relationship and feel like you are grieving?
Loss refers to more than death. The end of a relationship, move to a new community, loss of a job, etc.,
can lead to grieving.
I can assist you with any type of major life transition.
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Each person’s grief is unique and is influenced by the relationship of the mourner and deceased

My approach is to help you process the pain of your loss, explore your identity, and to help you

find an enduring connection with your loved one