"I think I might have Postpartum Depression."

1 in 8 women who give birth exhibit symptoms of Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression is different from the “Baby Blues”, which are due to hormone fluctuations and are resolved within 2 weeks.

The Baby Blues are different than Postpartum Depression and are very common, up to 85% of postpartum women experience them.

The Baby Blues are caused by hormonal changes following birth and are generally resolved 2 weeks after birth.

What does Postpartum Depression look like?


The symptoms of postpartum depression include

· sadness

· anger and irritability

· changes in sleep

· exhaustion

· hopelessness

· panic attacks

· eating more or less than usual


Missing the joys of parenthood, those with PPD may shun their baby, feel trapped, or unable to care for their baby.

It’s very important to treat Postpartum Depression early because it can interfere with the ability to bond with your baby, and you do not need to suffer in silence.

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