"Can my husband have Postpartum Depression?"

Can men get Postpartum Depression?

Absolutely! 25% of new fathers develop Paternal Postpartum Depression and Anxiety after the birth of their child.

The transition to parenthood can leave men feeling overwhelmed, and the symptoms can occur at any time during the first year after the birth of their child.

Symptoms include

· Withdrawing from family and social activities

· Lack of motivation

· Working more and staying away from home

· Weight gain/loss

· Turning to alcohol or substance abuse

· Violent or aggressive behavior

· Impulsive or risky behavior

· Loss of interest in doing things

As with women, there are potential risk factors

· Lack of sleep

· High stress career

· Relationship tension

· Poor relationship with parents and/or in-laws

· Financial stress

· Feeling excluded from the bond between infant and mother

· A history of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issue

· The mother of the baby has postpartum depression

Getting regular exercise such as running, going to the gym, and yoga, spending time outdoors, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep are ways to reduce the stress of having a new baby.

Many men do not seek treatment for their depression, especially if the mother is also suffering. Men may also be reluctant to seek help due to feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and confusion.

It is important for men to implement healthy self-care and get treatment, they do not need to suffer in silence. Men deserve to feel healthy and confident for their own sake and for the health of their family.

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