"My anxiety is getting worse after giving birth, what's going on with me?"

Postpartum Anxiety

It’s quite common for new parents to have some concerns when bringing a new baby home, but excessive worrying interferes with your ability to care for your child.

Perhaps you ask yourself:

“What if I drop the baby?”

“What if I can’t figure out what the baby needs?”

“What if I do something wrong?”

“What if my baby doesn’t love me?”

“What if something’s wrong with my baby?”

These pervasive thoughts may run around in your head, questioning and challenging your ability to parent and keeping you awake at night.

In addition, you may

· question your ability to care for your child

· be afraid to be left alone with your baby

· worry a lot more than you did before having your baby

· have intrusive thoughts that scare you

· find you don’t want to leave your house for fear of being judged

· don’t want other people to hold your baby (including your partner)

· don’t want to take care of your baby for fear you won’t do it “right”

· have racing thoughts

· have a feeling of dread

If you experience these worries, you are not alone. 10% of postpartum women are diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety Disorder, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find the numbers of women suffering from this are actually higher.

It is important to seek a diagnosis and treatment, Postpartum Anxiety is treatable.

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