Treatment for Trauma and PTSD

What is trauma?

Trauma occurs when you experience an overwhelming event where you were afraid

and felt you had no control

You may find it very difficult to get past this event,

playing it over and over in your mind

or you may try to block it from your memory

only to have it come up in nightmares

Traumatic events change people’s behavior and can lead to anxiety, depression, shame, and phobias.


Trauma can happen at any age, and adults who have had a traumatic childhood may have trouble trusting other people, have low self-worth, and have trouble identifying and expressing their emotions.

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If you have had an overwhelming negative experience and you

· Fear something bad will happen

· Feel your emotions are out of control

· Feel numb or cut off from your feelings

· Are jittery and on edge

· Feel disconnected from your loved ones

· Feel immense shame and as if others are judging you

then you may be suffering from traumatic stress

Treatment for trauma is very important because it affects your beliefs about


your worth,

and your confidence


I specialize in treating unresolved trauma using a gentle and caring approach

where we move at your pace

to separate the trauma from your identity


You will be able to discuss what’s happening for you in a safe, accepting environment

so you can learn self-compassion, gain confidence, and feel in control of your life again.