Learn About Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy goes by several names:

Telehealth, e-therapy, Online Therapy,

web-therapy, etc., and uses several platforms including video, text, and email.


I will refer to it as Online Therapy and the platform I use for sessions is live video.


This provides as close to an in-office experience as possible,

without you having to drive to my office.

Is Online Therapy right for me?

​Online Therapy is a good option if:


you are a new mother since you will not need to wake your baby to drive to an office



You can have your session in your own office if you are at work,

you can have it on your lunch hour

or in your car

(you can even eat during sessions, but please don't drive!)


If you have any physical limitations or a chronic illness,

Online Therapy comes to you so no need to find an office that is compliant with your needs

(such as having to climb stairs)

You are quarantined due to the pandemic

small separator.png

You won't need to choose from my selection of weird teas

and can fix yourself a cup of coffee if you prefer.


Sometimes people feel shy or embarrassed about seeking therapy

Online Therapy provides you with a level of privacy

so you don't run into other people in the waiting room.


Most importantly, it is convenient, and we both know

there is nothing better for busy people than convenience!